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Coping and Decks in Doral

Looking for pool coping or deck installation in Miami? Get in touch with Garcia's Flooring Services Corp.

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What is Pool Coping

At Garcia's Flooring Services Corp., we provide professional pool coping services. Our team can cover concrete edges and conceal any steel that projects from a pool's walls. This prevents water from getting behind the pool’s shell.

When coping is done properly, any water splashed out of the pool will flow away into deck drains. Call us to discuss your project details! We guarantee a friendly and professional team will attend to your needs!

Coping protects swimmers as they get in and out of the pool


Coping and Decks  Doral

Exquisite Decks

A deck is the hardscape area around a swimming pool. It may look similar to a patio, but it has unique qualities related to orientation, sun reflection and slip resistance.

Wood is the traditional and original material used for decks. It has a natural warmth and can be built within any budget. With a customized deck, Garcia's Flooring Services Corp. can create a safe path around your pool’s edge.

Furthermore, if space allows, we can enlarge a deck to accommodate poolside furniture. We are a call away for all your decking needs!

The ideal outdoor space to entertain your guests


Coping and Decks Palmetto Bay, Miami

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